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Table of Contents

To start, I would like express my thanks to the following people for the care and support they provided to my late child "Jasmine", my wife, my two other kids and I, during the most difficult days we faced during her illness.

(Children Hospital of Eastern Ontario)

For providing the best care to "Jasmine"


Dr. Keen of the Neuro-Oncology Department.
Dr. Suh of the Neuro-Oncology Department.
Dr. Grimard Laval of the Oncology Department.

Case Manager

Ms. Brenda Fraiser

Candlelighters Association

Mrs. Marlene Cassidy

(Homecare Nurses)

Mrs. Linda
Mrs. Jinette
Mrs. Sindy
Mrs. Mary

Children Wish Foundation

For offering to Jasmine a trip to World Disney with her family.

Families and friends

For all the support they provided to us, either financialy and/or moraly.

To all of you, thank you, and God bless you...

Offered by Beverley. Thank you Bev!
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To Jasmine 

In Memory of Jasmine

The best I could do is, a webpage dedicated to her to be forever in our memory engraved and keep her smile always around us and around those who knew her for being the so known "the smiling girl".

We love you...
Dad, Mom, your sister & brother...



Table of Contents
My résumé (Curriculum-Vitae) MS Word Format
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Technical Writing Resources (Must Visit)
Advice on Academic Writing (Must Visit)
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Compagnon du gestionnaire informatisé(Francais - Excellent)
Enseigner les mathématiques en utilisant l'outil informatique(Francais - Excellent)
Online Technical Writing (Must Visit)
The Information Service (Must Visit)
Technical Writer's role
Learn how Everything Works!
Astronomy pictures from NASA
Excellent Search Engine
Excellent French Technical help site - Site en Français Besoin techniques (à voir-must visit)
J.Helmig's Best Technical Site for Windows 95,98,NT Networking Technics
Windows 2000 Resources - Besoin techniques Windows 2000 en anglais (à voir-must visit)
Windows 2000 software, shareware, Technical Tips & Tricks, and freeware
Technical Help for Windows 95,98,NT
Update Software & Drivers Service
Useful Links for Win95,Win98 Troubleshooting
Win98 Central (Essentials)
Your one source for Win98
Win98 Annoyances (Good)
Software and Drivers Updates (Good)
Chris's Useful Links for Win95,Win98 Troubleshooting
Excellent Excel Tutorial
Compléments Excel 97-2002
Liens vers d'autres resources Excel 97-2002
(French Tutorials - Tutoriels Francais)
La Recherche Operationnelle
PC/MRP Online Tutorial
SAP Guide (A Must Visit)
ERP/SAP Guide (A Must Visit)
ASAP Tutorial (A Must Visit)
Open Ideas Tutorial (A Must Visit)
Business Engineering with ERP Solutions (A Must Visit)
ERP,BPR and Workflow (An Interesting link - Must to Visit)
Production Scheduling by Spreadsheet (A Must Visit)
A Homepage Builder (A Must Visit)
Introduction to Data Mining Tutorial (A Must Visit)
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MySQL Manual I - Table of Contents (A Must Visit)
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Important Survival Links
Arachnophilia HTML Editor (Free)
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The Free Site (Everything for free
Modems Homepage
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Technical Help
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A page dedicated especially for Kids.- Page dediee aux enfants
International Weather Forcast
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The best electronic greeting cards- Les meilleurs cartes electroniques
Yellow pages (Canada)
Health issues Web Pages
Neuroguide - Neuroscience Images
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Martindale General Desk Reference (Excellent Web Page)
Best Cooking Recipes

Ottawa, ON Canada
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